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It is for you to decide where I was made.

For years I was among my kind (jewelry) tossed about  in  a showcase. Each day I was put out on display. Some of my friends are sharp they pierced me, some are big and heavy. I felt as if I would suffocate when they lay on me. The temperature was always adequate I was never hot but sometimes I was in the dark. I hate the dark.

On Saturdays while on display, as always I saw many people  who come to look at us and later I realize that some of my friends were missing. I never thought much of it because as the years passed I got new friends. I always wonder where they went.

This particular Saturday, while on display I saw a beautiful lady came by. I heard the conversation as she asked my owner. Do you have any brooch? I am looking for a brooch and I would love one that make a statement. As she looks around on all of us I caught her attention. Mmm, I heard her say, I love this one.

She paid my owner for me and I went home with her.

I had a good night rest in a spacious jewelry box.

Next morning, I was taken and placed on one of her jacket. I felt happy I must be going somewhere. I was right. I was taken in a nice environment with many people. They were happy. I heard singing and preaching and they were talking about my statement.

I love Jesus.

When I got home I was kept on my Bah’al jacket in her closet. From time to time she would put me on other clothes and take me places.

One day my Bah’al took me and put me in her jewelry box. I was left there for a while and it makes me feel sad. I missed church. Then I realized that I have other friends and that my Bah’al must be giving them a chance to go with her. One of my friend is PEACE I love her, she is very quite.

I don’t know how much time passed but one morning my Bah’al picked me up. I was placed on a badge that she wore to work. The journey to her work was exciting I saw many faces. They stare me down.

That day at her work I came alive. I finally felt I was made for a purpose. A lot of people told my Bah’al that they love me. Some of them called me a pin. My Bah’al would always respond politely to everyone thanking them. When she spoke with  people about me, oh! not me, about my statement. They get real excited and the conversation go on and on.

These days I am on the road; everytime I get to go with my Bah’al it’s a new and exciting experience. I love elevators they are always filled with people. We are so close to them. They can’t escape even if they want to. Just for that minute or two they are stuck with me and my Bah’al.

Some of the stares that I got made me wonder what is in their thoughts. However, only God knows the intent of one’s heart. I am making a difference in the world. I am drawing attention not to myself but to the King. King Jesus that is. I felt like a missionary.

Had it not been for my Bah’al I would not be so happy fulfilling my purpose in this world. People need Jesus. If you ever see me with her and you agree with my statement. That’s good, you are on the winning team. If you see me and you despised my statement you are heading in the wrong direction. Make a U turn to Jesus. Time is at hand.

I love my Bah’al. (owner)

I just found out the other day that  the bop – bop sound that I heard when I’m with her is her heartbeat.  It sounds like a ticking clock too.

She loves me very much because of my statement but she loves Jesus best. She will take a stand for us anyday. I overheard her say that if she was to put me away, if told to do so; it’s as if she would be denying her Lord. That would never happen.

Each new day I am excited to go with my Bah’al its always an adventure.

Whom have you evangelize lately?

If the Brooch (an object) can promote the gospel.

Then so can you.